Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Please Support.... "For The Love of Flight: An Aviation Film on KickStarter!

What is it like to be a pilot?   What careers are available to pilots?  What does it really look like to cruise over the beautiful Northern California valley?   If only someone could produce a well made  film that answers these questions!
Link to their KickStarter page:
That is exactly what young 18 year old private pilot Daniel Shulte and 747 Co-Pilot Robin Tapmon plan to do.    
 They have ambitious plans to make a movie titled “For The Love of Flight: An Aviation Film”.    To do this they have plan to use a production crew of talented youngsters, tons of aviation fuel, and the beautiful Northern California scenery.  They don’t require what I would consider a large amount of money.   But they do need to raise the money fast!  
Image courtesy of Danial Shulte.

After watching the video on their Kickstarter page and reading the information presented, I was IMPRESSED.  I donated enough to obtain a digital HD copy of the film.   As an amateur photographer, I can appreciate the artistic talent they have.  I can also appreciate their ambition.  As a flight simmer and aviation enthusiast, I can appreciate their love of flying.  Heck, the majority of the money they are raising will cover aviation fuel. 

Image courtesy of Danial Shulte.

So please, check out their video and KickStarter page.  If you can donate please do!  As they say, if you can't donate, then just spread the word!

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