Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Orbx Freeware Trenton Mercer Airport (KTTN) for FTX Global Users

The FSX/P3d scenery developer Orbx, promised a lot when they released FTX Global.   While considered by many to be an expensive addon, FTX Global promised to recreate the virtual landscape.   This addon would create detailed scenery for entire FSX and P3d world.    FTX Global would also work in harmony with various other software packages and Orbx regions.   If this was not enough, Orbx promised to release numerous free airports for FTX Global users. 

Approaching runway 6.  Notice the Delaware River below.

Orbx has delivered on each of their promises and then some.  They have certainly upheld their promise to supply free airports for FTX Global users.  With 14 airport packs to date, we now have free airports throughout the US, Canada, and Europe.   In my home state of New Jersey, Orbx has released two regional airports (KMIV and KTTN).     The entire East Coast of the US has been sprinkled with free FTX airports.   For Connecticut alone, there is 4 free FTX airports!

Landing on Runway 34.

Today’s post focuses on the FTX Global freeware Trenton Mercer Airport (KTTN) from Orbx.   This is just one of the freeware airports found in FTX Global North American Airport pack 10.   This airport in particular was developed by Orbx developer Neil Hill.  You can find a link to the freeware packs at the bottom of this post.

Trenton Mercer is located in  New Jersey.  KTTN is north of Trenton along the Delaware River.  While it is hard to believe, if you fly north from KTTN, you will see why NJ is called the Garden State.   The airport has become a favorite of mine for local GA flying.   KTTN is located in a nice country setting and sports two runways.   One runway is  4,800 feet long while the other is 6,000 feet. 


 I stopped by the real KTTN for the first time a few months ago.  Upon driving into the airport, I noticed a Frontier Aviation Airbus A319 preparing for takeoff.    The airport has become well known as a good spot to catch a cheap ride to locations such as Florida and Atlanta.  Flyers can bypass the congestion, traffic, and general headache of the larger airports by going to KTTN.

Passengers board a Frontier A319 bound for Atlanta.
(Thanks for the photo T!)

Trenton Mercer is quite impressive for a regional with about 200 flights a day.   The Civil Air Patrol and the 1-150th General Support Aviation Battalion of the New Jersey Army National Guard both use KTTN.   There is a plethora of general aviation aircraft that utilize KTTN.   The GA area is a easy to find, just down the road from the airport terminal.   Speaking of terminals,  at this point in time, KTTN also host flight from Frontier Aviation and Lynx Aviation.   You will also spot a host of corporate jets.  Some from far and way and some flying in from as close as KTEB.  

 Parking area and terminal.

 For the sim pilot, KTTN is perfectly situated between the busy KEWR to the north, and KPHL to the south.    You cannot imagine my excitement upon reading that KTTN had been released with airport pack 10.
GA and corporate area.

Exciting of course because Orbx produces some of the most dynamic airport’s to see a computer screen.  The airports not only have aircraft flow, but people flow. Yes, you can watch people moving about.   This creates an additional layer of realism.

General Aviation area with people walking around.
Having been to KTTN, I can only say that it is very impressive how much time and effort Orbx developers have spent on what is essential a freeware product.  I could immediately recognize the general aviation area of KTTN along with the other facilities.   The Orbx KTTN also corrects a problem with the ILS of the old FSX version.   Unfortunately KTTN does not have the nice grass simulated in some of their other products.   But for all intensive purposes, this airport is extremely well done!
The bug with the old FSX ils for KTTN is now fixed!
As a general aviation lover, KTTN has become a perfect location.   Numerous flights can be conducted in a 1 hour time to other Orbx freeware airports.  There is KRDG to the west in PA, KMIV to the south in NJ, a ton of Orbx airports in MD, along with numerous airports north of NYC. 

 The A2A C172 passes a corporate jet during taxi out.

The initial cost of Orbx’s FTX Global is steep.  But when you consider all of the freeware airports that are now included, FTX Global is a real bargain.  Again, these new airports are extremely well done, and very dynamic.  Check out to see if your local  airport has been released!   As for me,  "Thank you Orbx!"   


ORBX Free Aiports pack 10 for FTX Global

Skyvector data for KTTN

Orbx Free Airport Packs for FTX Global

Passenger video of take off from KTTN in Frontier A319.


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